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I'd Die for You: And Other Lost Stories

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Rating: ***

I was so excited to start this, really was and now I've finished. I liked it, I did - there are moments of pure Fitzgerald brilliance and a couple of stories are heartbreakingly beautiful in both the writing and the subject matter - vintage Fitzgerald and up there with any of the passages in Tender.

Yet, given the nature of the book, many were rejected, still draft versions, tweaked, abandoned etc., it feel very diluted at times and just not up there with his best writing which is perfectly understandable - this book shows the importance of FSF's writing process and background to the stories. This is all very interesting but I wonder if the inclusion of some were wise, I did not, for me, see the point of both 'Thumbs Up' and its variant, 'Dentist's Appointment,' being included. I found the story quite weak and as neither were actually published until FSF had combined, changed and polished them, I did not almost think it was fair to read and consequently (no matter how hard you try not to) judge the quality.

Certainly read if you are a die-hard FSF fan, like myself, but there is possibly a reason some were unpublished either by F. Scott Fitzgerald himself or by virtue of rejection.

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