Romantic Fiction Cobwebs of Youth by Rose Auburbn

Cobwebs of Youth


Cobwebs of Youth is the debut novel from Rose Auburn. It's a contemporary romance set in the London suburbs and tells the story of Lara Cassidy who realises her dream of becoming a children’s book illustrator like her father. Yet her happiness is short-lived and she is plunged into uncertainty as Robert Kennedy, the mysterious stranger she first encountered ten years earlier, comes back into her life. Will Lara finally be able to lay her Father’s ghost to rest and fully embrace what the future holds?

"Fantastic book with a really gripping story-line. Would recommend. I look forward to more from this author."

"Great stuff from a promising author. Hard to put down till the very end. Recommended and looking forward to more."

"Enjoyable and hard to put down."

"An absolute gem of a book."

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