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Romantic Fiction Cobwebs of Youth by Rose Auburbn

Cobwebs of Youth

'Cobwebs of Youth' was published in February 2017.

It is a contemporary romance set in the suburbs of London, England and tells the story of Lara Cassidy who realises her dream of becoming a children’s book illustrator like her Father before her.  


However, her happiness is short-lived and she is plunged into uncertainty which threatens her old friendships and stability when Robert Kennedy, the mysterious stranger she encountered in a bar ten years earlier, comes back into her life.    


Will Lara be finally able to lay her Father’s ghost to rest and fully embrace what the future holds for her? 



A short excerpt can be found here ​and I welcome all comments and feedback.

Rose Auburn Cobwebs of Youth

"Fantastic book with a really gripping story-line. Would recommend. I look forward to more from this author."

"Great stuff from a promising author. Hard to put down till the very end. Recommended and looking forward to more."

"Enjoyable and hard to put down."

"An absolute gem of a book."

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Rose Auburn Cobwebs of Youth
New Writing

New Writing

Rosalie & Mika’ was a short story meant to form the keystone in a collection of romantic suspense short stories but, as often happens with writing, it developed into a novel which I hope to publish later in the year.  


Rosalie Martinez has always been an outsider but never more so than when she begins working at the prestigious Hotel Villafeira during the Summer season on the Portuguese coast.    


She is fairly confident that none of the other employees come from the upbringing she does or have come by their employment at the Hotel in the same manner she has.    Her background is messy, complicated and unpleasant and she keeps it fiercely secret in order to protect herself and those around her.


However, this secrecy proves hard to maintain when she falls in love with Mika Tsertsov, who also works at the Hotel.   They embark on a relationship which begins to crumble as Mika’s friends and colleagues start to suspect that Rosalie is not all she seems.     When Mika confides in his Mother his doubts about Rosalie, he discovers why she has been so evasive and uncovers a secret about her background that even she is unaware of, and which has the potential to change life for both of them.


Mika faces a desperate race against time to rescue their relationship but is it too late to stop Rosalie from making a fatal error of judgement?


A short excerpt can be found here and I welcome all comments and feedback.

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