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Drifting (Book 1)


Noe Segal

Rating: ***

Dr Nadia Markoff is a renowned scientist in the study of ‘Drifting’; ‘Drifters’ are able to access not only the memories of other people, but also their futures. It is contentious and as Dr Markoff’s research expands with a new client, Thomas, an ‘Anti-Drifter’ movement begins to grow, threatening violence and destruction…

Drifting is an interesting book with an imaginative concept that has lots of narrative potential. The idea of drifting is a strange one to wrestle with, but it’s clearly explained and the brevity of the book was a good idea, ensuring the reader is not overloaded by the science and is left wanting to read more.

The beginning, opening straight into the live demonstration, was well-written; slightly clinical which complemented the subject matter and with a charged atmosphere. The sense of the paranormal and perception of activity outside of the normal metaphysical realm, comes across strongly with a definite supernatural and at times, sinister undercurrent.

Nadia is well-realised and more than capably carries this initial book. The backstory involving David gave depth and understanding to her actions and thought processes. She is believable and her passion for drifters and the drifting phenomenon comes across strongly, which makes her additionally investable to the reader.

Thomas was intriguing and the sexual chemistry between him and Nadia sparked convincingly from the very beginning. The twist towards the end at her party, was completely unexpected and aroused curiosity concerning Thomas’ true nature and identity and again, neatly sets up further plotlines.

Oleanna was a little weaker than Thomas and Nadia; she did seem a touch flat and her dialogue was slightly awkward in places. Occasionally, the narrative jumped ahead of itself a little too much but, overall, Drifting is an original and exciting novella with bags of promise. Well worth a look.

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