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Extreme Risk

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by Chris Hunter

Rating: ****

I would really like to give this 4.5 stars. Amazing man whose grounded sense of duty and right from wrong makes you really think about your own daily life, it is a shame that there is not more of him in the world. In regard to the writing, I liked the short chapters, by its very nature, the subject matter can be quite dense, involved and intense and if you are not from a military background like myself, it does make it easier to read and digest. Although, the writing style is easy and zips along with pace. The acronyms are not too heavy, I have read some like this where every other sentence contains them and it can get a bit distracting constantly referring to the glossary but the majority that Hunter uses are repeated and easy to work out even without the glossary. The quotes that headed the chapters were some of the best I've read, I do find quotes can sometimes be over-used and rather trite but they work very well here and also, very thought-provoking. Well chosen. There was a just a slightly weak part towards the end, a chapter or so that meandered a wee bit as if he was not too sure where to go/how to end but it picks up again and yes, well worth a read. I enjoyed it (if 'enjoy' is the right term) immensely.

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