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Ruth Rendell Mysteries: An Inspector Wexford Omnibus

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by Ruth Rendell

Rating: *****

I absolutely love Wexford, although not all the Omnibuses I have read have been five stars, there have been a couple of slightly below par stories but this collection was superb. Rendell is so skilful in weaving the backstory of both him and Burden so that if you are a new reader, you get to grips with them immediately and if an old reader, like me, it doesn't bore you in the slightest. I thought the whodunnit aspects in these three were excellent, struck the absolute right note between not being too far-fetched and not being too obvious. One thing that struck me with this particular collection was the sheer beauty of Rendell's writing. Especially everyday, mundane description that absolutely nails the feeling/weather/surrounding.


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