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Seeds of the Dead

by Andy Kumpon & Gary Malick

Rating: ****

Peter Malik is a scientist for Moonstar Foods Inc., the Corporation that is feeding the over-populated world with genetically modified food. However, when Peter discovers what Moonstar’s genetically modified seeds do to his lab rat, Lil’ Pete, he decides to turn whistle-blower not suspecting that Moonstar will exact revenge by contaminating a free food giveaway…

Seeds of the Dead is a fun, fast-paced read. It’s not my normal genre but it certainly delivers as a spoofy, humorous and gruesome Zombie Apocalypse novel. The story is fairly straightforward and the plot neat; once Peter has turned against Moonstar, he faces a race against time to save the inhabitants of his hometown, Green Bluff, and try to win back his ex-girlfriend, who runs an organic grocery. The prose is confident; it’s clear the Authors had a lot of fun writing this and it does not take itself too seriously. It’s unashamedly full of genre tropes and they work well; it’s not overdone and all pretty plausible too despite the majority of the narrative. The writing throughout is deceptively strong and although the story does not hold many surprises, it has a contemporary feel. It could be argued that the overwhelming control that Moonstar Inc., has over the population who are enslaved to their products could serve as a satirical commentary on contemporary life and with that in mind, Seeds of the Dead, has a slightly uncomfortable, thought-provoking layer in amongst the comedy.

The Zombies are disgusting and no grisly, fluid-filled, descriptive detail in spared in bringing them to life; it’s visually visceral and pockets of hilarity ensue. There are the usual assortment of slightly misfit and caricaturised characters that survive and assume a unit to try to overwhelm the Zombies. And, as usual, the solution to getting rid of them is simple and effective. I thought the situation with Peter’s Dad, Eugene, was a nice inclusion, adding a serious note in otherwise humorous banter. The owners of the Moonstar Empire, Richard and Sofia Beaudette were suitably rendered as the villains. I also loved Flo, the diner waitress and despite knowing the Peter should dispose of Lil’ Pete, in keeping with the tradition of these tales, you just know he won’t part with him and he serves as the book’s mascot.

The ending maybe comes a little loose and over-confident but overall, this is a thoroughly entertaining, gore-splattered, comedic Zombie horror.

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