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Thankfully in Love: A Thanksgiving Anthology

by Anna J. Stewart, Kayla Perrin, Melinda Curtis & Cari Lynn Webb

Rating: ****

Thankfully in Love is a collection of four short romance stories that centre around Thanksgiving written by a quartet of USA Today well-known bestselling romance authors.

The four stories in this anthology are sweetly romantic and enjoyable to read. They are fairly similar in terms of plot and all have a relaxed, easy-going tempo to the prose. It’s clear that all four authors have worked together to ensure that whilst they each retain their story’s identity; they also complement each other rather than compete. This does mean that the book is a little comfortable and predictable. However, it does not claim to be a cerebral, deeply profound novel but an enjoyable, happy ever after collection to curl up with and escape for a few hours and it certainly fulfils that brief.

The first tale, No Place Like Home, was probably the darker, it does have an unexpected twist. I thought it was nicely constructed and the dialogue, in particular, was good. Second Chances; I found the main character, Miranda, a little frustrating but I think this was probably the most linear, traditional story and for that reason, was my favourite. Dog-Gone Holiday did not take itself too seriously and there is a slight supernatural development part way through that I should have seen given the title but didn’t. It’s a technique that normally I would not be that keen on but it’s a fun touch and works with the light-hearted spirit of the tale. Love Guides the Way; I felt was a little rushed towards the end but I liked the change of scenery from the others; the premise does get a bit samey and this last tale provided a subtle difference that kept it fresh.

All four have the classic ingredients of break-ups, mixed messages, will they/won’t they, interfering families and get-togethers set against the late Autumn/early Winter backdrop. The Thanksgiving angle although clearly prevalent, is not overwhelming which is a clever move and means the book can be read at any time of year.

Overall, a heart-warming collection that delivers on the promise of good old-fashioned, easy to read, sweet romance. Well worth a look. Buy from:

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