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A Tangled Web

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by L.M. Montgomery

Rating: *****

When I picked this up, I was just not in the mood for the slightly jocular opening tone and very nearly put it down and chose something a bit more serious (or so I thought). I am so pleased I did not, this book is an absolute masterclass in how to write a blisteringly good read. The plot and sub-plots are very cleverly done, simple but not silly but not so simple that you do not keep guessing and hungrily turning the page.

The opening few pages seem quite frothy and jokey, but this is deceptive. There is some heartbreakingly beautiful and perceptive writing in this book that makes you put it aside for a few seconds just to absorb the truth and impact of the words. L. M. Montgomery was, without doubt, a natural born writer and storyteller.

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