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Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat

by Elizabeth Cee

Rating: ****

Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat is the non-fiction story of a group of street cats who live on the edge of a college campus in Sydney. One by one, due to the dedication of a selfless band of volunteers, this colony of homeless cats are rescued, treated and homed. All apart from the titular Ceci who faces an uphill struggle to survive and find an owner…

Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat is a delightfully endearing little read; thought-provoking yet ultimately heart-warming. The commitment that the Author and various members of the public demonstrate in helping the ‘Carpark Colony’ is quite humbling. The writing is informative, authentic and immediate. You get a real sense of place and the cats’ characters from early on which is good as this is a short book. I thought the inclusion of the photos was a lovely touch providing reference. Alongside the search for suitable owners for the cats, I felt that Ms Cee also undertook a personal journey. There was a definite feel that through her involvement with the rescue of the Carpark Colony, the Author grew in confidence and purpose. The reactions of her Sister and also the short paragraph at the end of Chapter 14 hinted at personal challenges. I believe the cats, and Ceci in particular, helped Ms Cee almost as much as she helped them and that provided a subtle dimension to the story.

The book is nicely edited and the silhouettes of cats on the Chapter headings is very sweet. The language is a little basic in parts and does lack an emotional range at times. However, it is quite instructive; I was not aware of the difficulties when a cat reaches a certain age (very young) in attempting to home them.

Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat is a charming and affecting book which highlights not only the plight of street cats but also the selflessness of those attempting to assist them. If you love felines, it’s highly recommended and would make a perfect little gift for cat lovers everywhere. Buy from:

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