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Harlequin (The Grail Quest, Book 1)

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by Bernard Cornwell

Rating: ***

I cannot fault this book for doing exactly what it says and if you like a good medieval romp with the prospect of another two books, then by all means, pick it up - you won't be sorry. There is not too much other than the nitty-gritty of battle and battle planning - obviously this book is the first of three and Mr Cornwell is, understandably, playing the long game with the narrative. Personally, I could have done with a little less battling and a bit more intrigue, romance, etc., but that's my subjective view. I did feel the ending was a touch weak and tailed off with no resolution to a number of plot strands, which, while there are another two books, I think it could have been a bit tidier at the end, it seemed to both peter out and end abruptly and not everyone (myself included) wants to carry on and pick up another two books on the same genre/story, it would have been good to have a few endings so this book can stand alone, alike many do in series. But, if you like medieval blood and gore - you will love this.

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