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Love Will Find You

by Vidisha Chandna Dua

Rating: ***

Love Will Find You is the third novella from Vidisha Chandna Dua dealing with heartbreak, loss and love.

In Love Will Find You we meet Trisha, frustrated with how her life is turning out and the narrative moves between her relationships with Ahaan and Sid which span five years to present day. The book does jump back and forth quite rapidly and it is a touch confusing; I think a more linear approach might have been beneficial in a book of this brevity. Trisha is fairly well-realised although a little more context at the start would have useful in helping the reader understand her personality. A character named ‘Trisha’ also appears in Life’s Not Over Yet, another of Vidisha’s novellas, and I did wonder if this Trisha was the same and, if so, where this story fitted in to her life.

However, Trisha’s dissatisfactions with her current life are understandable although she can be a little irritating herself. Ahaan is actually quite sinister and the reader is made aware of this by some fairly unpleasant and controlling behaviour. Nonetheless, I did not warm to Sid either! I actually thought Trisha could do a lot better than either of them. Sid appears to be on the rebound and I did not feel that the relationship between him and Trisha was all that healthy.

There are few issues with the tense which occasionally flickers into present and some of the prose is a little stilted. But, it’s clear, as in her other two stories, that Vidisha really enjoys writing these little intense vignettes of characters trying to find their true love and, consequently, it’s a sweet read.

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