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Manifesting Your Best Future Self: Developing Health, Happiness and Success

by Dr Peter Gruenewald, MD

Rating: ****

Manifesting Your Best Future Self is a short self-help book concerned with developing adaptive resilience in challenging situations. Dr Gruenewald explains the four different areas of resilience and introduces exercises and techniques such as Coherence Training to effectively deal with the unhealthy stresses and negativity that can lead to poor physical and emotional health.

This year has been and continues to be incredibly difficult due to the ravages of Covid-19 and for many stress levels have risen dramatically. I found Dr Gruenewald’s book to be concisely written and practical. It is not too dense or jargon-heavy. Dr Gruenewald explains the issues and techniques in very easy to understand, reassuring language that is also quite soothing.

There are seven exercises which deal with various areas of life where overwhelming tensions can arise. Each of them is clearly explained and simple to follow. They also have the flexibility to be adapted to your personal life and challenges. I tend not to have too much patience and can lose focus with breathing techniques but the first exercise in Coherence Training was relatively uncomplicated (you did not need to keep referring to the text to remember what to do whilst attempting to focus which always rather ruins it). The concept of ‘gratitude’ which features in the first exercise is something we take for granted and taking time out to exclusively focus on this did make me feel relaxed. I also felt more motivated after undertaking this again the following day. I also thought the exercises on Active Listening and Transforming Difficult Relationships were thought-provoking and certainly techniques I would refer back to.

The inclusion of diagrams that condensed the information was helpful in consolidating issues and their possible solutions. I also liked the ‘Troubleshooting’ section. Personally, I would have left the Case Studies to the end of the book or left them out.

Manifesting Your Best Future Self is a beneficial little book with easily accessible and adaptable techniques. Definitely recommended. Buy from:

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