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Orphan X (An Orphan X Thriller)

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by Gregg Andrew Hurwitz

Rating: ****

This is not my usual sort of book, it was bought for my husband but I fancied a change so thought I would give it a go. Blistering pace and nicely written - I actually thought it was very tongue-in-cheek in some instances and a little bit spoofy, which, for me, added to the enjoyment - I don't think Hurwitz meant it in this way, however! It reminded me slightly of Bret Easton Ellis especially in the early parts. The main storyline was fairly strong but a few side narratives I thought were a bit sloppy, and you do have to suspend belief occasionally (well, quite a lot towards the end). I also thought it slid rather lazily towards concluding (which there isn't really one) and then boom it was over - very abruptly and clearly teed up for the next book, which is fine but I think it could have been wrapped up better. But all in all, a rip-roaring action read - great for a holiday read, certainly.

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