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They Found Him Dead

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by Georgette Heyer

Rating: ***

I feel a bit unfair reviewing this book and was going to award two stars but I think it's the fact that I am experiencing 'whodunit overload', it's really not that bad! Slightly dated in places, it has not aged well. The characters are all a bit samey and cliched and, for me, a part of the whodunit and the 'murder' that drives the title of the book and the blurb on the back is never solved or confirmed as a murder which is a bit odd although you are given to believe it is! It's also written in a jaunty, slightly humorous style which again, I found dated and it grated on me. There is also a character which could certainly do with being culled. He is meant to be funny-annoying but he was just totally annoying and added nothing whatsoever, aside from reader irritation. If you fancy a non-taxing, old-fashioned whodunit with a few loose ends, then give it a whirl, I'm off to read something other than whodunits for a while!!

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