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Maigret Takes the Waters

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by Georges Simenon, Lyn Moir (Translator)

Rating: ****

This was a very different Maigret and though, still very enjoyable, I personally could not make my mind up whether I preferred the 'normal' Maigret stories. Here, he is in Vichy, taking a break, and despite guiding the local police when a woman is found murdered near to where he is staying and in whom he had taken an interest, it's not the usual Maigret. However, still very good and the plot had me guessing which, is what you want in what is essentially a whodunit. You also got to witness a bit more vulnerability in Maigret which I don't know if I wanted to see, it makes him maybe more human and having read a number of previous Maigrets, it's apparent that he is quite vulnerable. Similarly, the relationship between him and his wife was more explored and again, I don't know if it added or detracted. If you have read several Maigret then by all means, pick this up - it's a nice diversion. If you are new to Maigret, read the more traditional stories first.

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