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The Pillars of the Earth

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

by Ken Follett

Rating: ****

It's difficult to write a review of this, I personally think. It's epic, it's huge, the research and the writing is hard to fault. But, you need to be able to devote time to reading this, a few pages each evening will probably not get you into it. I think you probably need to have read some historical fiction prior (forgive the pun) to reading this. It is a task. I felt at times it was too dense and too long. Elements of the narrative veered into fantasy territory. Further, I felt it could have done with more characters. A book just over 1000 with really 5 main characters - they could have been a couple more. Also, I feel a couple of the main characters did not progress as they should have; complete personality changes to fit the narrative and, if I am honest, I found the ending a bit weak. But, all in all, a writing odyssey to be absorbed and admired.

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